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About Me

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, I grew up in the Bengali countryside surrounded by the fragrance and beauty of many of the native flora and fauna. Waterlilies during the wet season, fields of mustard flowers, and fragrant gardenias and marigolds were just some of the flowers I had growing around me.

Having migrated to New York City, I had access to flowers from all over the world, many of which I would buy at local bodegas for special occasions or to make arrangements to bring some joy into my home when I felt down.

Drawing from my love of flower arranging, I wanted to create something that was less impermanent. Flowers and foliage that I would usually toss away once their prime state of being came to an end, I now press and preserve, and make into pieces of art.

I hope these pieces will bring you as much joy as they brought me while making them. Each piece is one of a kind, and of course, made with much love and care.

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